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50th Independence Celebrations Calendar of Events

Events to Look Out For

The culture of the Bahamian people is commonly enjoyed by locals and visitors alike through local events. To commemorate the 50th anniversary, The Bahamas has added special events. You will find some of the events to participate in Nassau Paradise Island below.

50th on Bay Street - May 29, 2023

Bay Street will buzz with live chef demonstrations, artisans, food, beverage, and confections. Pedestrians will enjoy this exciting street festival with live performances by bands, acoustic performances, dancers, and performance art showcasing Bahamian talent and entertainment.

Independence Boat Light Show - June 4, 2023

Under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister, in collaboration with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, enjoy a festival of lights on the seas as boats of every size showcase our national colours and symbols.

National Flag Day - June 30, 2023

To commemorate the 50th-anniversary flag raising ceremonies will be held across the country to show our Bahamian pride. People are encouraged to show their pride by wearing our nation’s flag colours.

National Float Parade and Nationwide Motorcade - July 1, 2023

50 years ago, a float parade was held in the City of Nassau to commemorate our nation’s independence. Fifty years later, we are seeking to creatively engage public and private partners to celebrate our 50th celebrations with a return of similar festivities.

National Bahamian Pride Day - July 7, 2023

Display your pride in our nation’s flag colours to commemorate the 50th. People are encouraged to show their pride by wearing our nation’s flag colours, androsia, or any paraphernalia.

50th Independence People’s Rush - July 10, 2023

A uniquely Bahamian experience, Junkanoo is a cultural dance and music celebration that dates back hundreds of years. Bahamians will join in unity to the sounds of cowbells and goat-skinned drums across The Bahamas to celebrate this memorable year.

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